Some GM SoundFonts and the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra package

Most SoundFonts on this page are compressed using the sfArk tool (Melodymachine). SynthFont can also decompress the files directly.

The Chaos Bank V20 (sfArk - uncompressed size: 11.9 MB)

The Aspirin Bank (sfArk - uncompressed size: 15.4 MB)

The bennetng_AnotherGS_v2-1 Bank (sfArk - uncompressed size: 32.5 MB)

The JCLive21 Bank (sfArk - uncompressed size: 50.0 MB)

The FluidR3 GM Bank (sfArk - uncompressed size 141.5 MB)

The GMR Basico V1.1 (NEW - fixed - version released June 11th, 2013)
This is a medium-size-large one: uncompressed size is 441MB. This bank has been authored by Rodolfo Lopez of  Costa Rica, Zarcero, Alajuela, using unique samples. It is unique also in that the presets are in Spanish! Rodolfo has worked on this SoundFont for many years. If you want to use this free SoundFont, you must agree to these terms:
- You may not sell or receive money for this SoundFont, in whole or in parts.
- You may not rename the SoundFont, convert it to other formats, or upload it to a web site without the author's permission.
- If you share musical work in which you have used this SoundFont, please give the author the credits he deserves.
Please donate. Your donation will allow the author to develop the SoundFont in the future.
Visit: for updates and other details.

You can download it from Rodolfo's site or directly here (from The download file size is a mere 183 MB. The file also contains some midi files Rodolfo likes to share with you.

You also need the old SFPACK SoundFont compression program to extract the SoundFont from the compressed file.
and other tools for Midi and SoundFonts

NOW, how about a really LARGE one:

When you are ready for something really large - and great - then download Evanessence2 (version 2 of Evanessence - formerly called Musica Box) by Cose Vidal, Galicia (Spain). The compilation is created by this devoted SynthFont and Viena user between early 2012 and 2013. Says Cose: "This Evanessence bank is mostly a mix and compilation of samples from my own collection and some collections in public domain - to all of you out there, many, many THANKS for making this possible. Add to this many hours of my own time and work. It is a free SoundFont, thus not meant to be sold for commercial purposes. But the SoundFont is royalty-free so you can use it in your personal and commercial tracks as you like."

Evanessence2 sound bank features 7.714 samples and 249 presets. The file size is 1,64 GB.

Final update: May 5th 2013. Download it here or here. The download file size is 568 MB.

You also need the old SFPACK SoundFont compression program to extract the SoundFont from the compressed file.
If you create symphonic music you may want to download this large package: the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westerlund.

The version offered here contains the audio material in the form of OggVorbis files while the original package contains standard WAV files. The package does NOT consist of  SoundFonts but of "SFZ" files (which are text files, easy to edit). SynthFont will extract the WAV files from the OGG files when needed, provided you have the latest installation of SynthFont with all required DLL library files. You can then remove the OGG files at any time later.

The package consists of 10 files in the WinRar archive format. You need WinRar or the free utility "7 Zip" to extract the package. The first 8 parts are 10MB in size, part 09 is 7.18MB while the SFZ archive file is only 25 kB. You need them all!