SynthFont[1] tutorial, part 5

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The Midi events list and editor
To the left a list of of MIDI events in the selected track. NOTE that a MIDI note always comprise of two events, the “note on” event and the “note off” event. SynthFont tries to connect the right pairs, but sometimes this is not possible if there are several notes of the same value overlapping.
Show these events - Select here which kind of events to show. Note that here proper Controller events are separated from self-contained events like Program Change
Edit event  - Here is where you can change the parameter values for the selected event. The labels will reflect which event you have chosen. You can change the time of an event (“When”), the type of the event (if it is a Controller) or the note value for a note, the Value of the Controller (or velocity “Vel” for a note) and the length of a note.
Surplus events are events that do not change the current value of the parameter.
SynthFont[1] - the Midi events list and editor
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The Pianoroll and Editor
The SoundFont structure