Here you can download all applications
All 32 or 64 bit Windows versions, from Vista upwards, are supported.
(XP is officially no longer supported but some programs may still work on some XP configurations).

SynthFont2 and SynthFont2x64 ( - try it free for 30 days!

Try it for a few days and then purchase a life-long license for €15 (~$17)!!

Download the 32 bit version as a full package for first time installation, or as an update with only changed files.
Download the 64 bit version as a full installation package, or as an update.
: The first time you install SynthFont2 or SynthFont2x64 you MUST run the full package!

SynthFont2 is the second generation of SynthFont and has a number of new features and improvements. See what's new in the latest versions.

Go here to see the full list of fixes, changes and updates.

SynthFont1 (1.760) - FREE version!

SynthFont1 as a full installation package

See what's new

Download the bug fix and new features list as a PDF document, or download the complete SynthFont1 change history.

Viena and Viena64 (1.191) - the free SoundFont editor

Viena (32 bit version) as a full installation package requiring Administrator privileges. Here is an alternative installation file for non-admin installation.

(64 bit version) as a full installation package requiring Administrator privileges. Here is an alternative installation file for non-admin installation.

Please check what's new

SyFonOne (1.081) - the free MIDI port player

SyFonOne - based on the SynthFont technology.Download installation package. Go here to read more about it.

VSTSynthFont (3.431) - VST instrument

VSTSynthFont is not freeware.You can try it for 15 days and then purchase a license for a mere 15€. This license also covers SynthFont2, so you get 2 for 1! Go here to purchase a license by donating to help us continue developing this tool.

Download VSTSynthFont 32 bit installation package. and 64 bit installation package.  Install into the folder where you keep your VST files. You may then need to update your sequencer's list of plugins after installing the plugin file.

Standard users may have Windows set to hide Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files in Explorer. Thus, VST plugin files may not be visible

NOTE; The VSTSynthFont/VSTSynthFont64 file is not required by SynthFont, SynthFont2 or Viena. You may want it if you have a sequencer that supports VST Instruments.
NOTE: VSTSynthFont is NOT JUST a plugin version of SynthFont but a completely different piece of software. Do I need it? If in doubt, search the internet for "VST plugin" or read this..

What's new?

Winamp plugin (1.020) - free for everyone

in_aSyFon - based on the SynthFont technology for use with Winamp (>5).  Download the installation package and install the plugin in Winamp's "Plugins" folder

Sf2Patcher (1.021) - the simple SoundFont editor

Sf2Patcher (V1.021) is a simple tool to combine several smaller SoundFonts into one large. It can also be used to update a SoundFont with new presets. Download as ZIP file.

More SoundFonts for free

Go here to download some more SoundFontsor the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra SFZ package compiledby Mattias Westerlund. Here you will now find the great 1.85GB Music 7 GM SoundFont by Cose Vidal. Here you can also find the two most common compression programs used: sfArk and sfPack.

Go here for a list of sites with more SoundFonts to download.