What is new in the latest VSTSynthFont version?

There is now a 64 bit version of VSTSynthFont as well. The version number begins with "2.".

What is new in version 1.096/2.096?
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a few known, minor bugs.
- New installers for both versions in order to make it 100% sure that both versions can coexist on the same computer.

What is new in version 1.095/2.095?
Bug fixes:
- The 32 bit version (1.094) and the 64 bit version (2.094) could not coexist on the same computer. These new versions SHOULD be capable of coexisting.
- Fixed a few other known, minor bugs.

What was new in version 1.094/2.094?
Bug fixes:
- Some SoundFonts with linked stereo samples did not play correctly.

What was new in version 1.093/2.093?
Bug fixes:
- VSTSynthFont is now compiled with the correct memory manager for utilizing shared memory with the host. Especially REAPER did not much like any older version of VSTSynthFont.

What was new in version 1.092/2.092?
Bug fixes:
- Some VST hosts did not agree at all with the Visual Styles. Improvements have been made, but if you experience strange crashes you may need to switch to the default Windows style.
- Some hosts might crash if you changed SoundFont or Preset during playback.

- The tool for selecting a SoundFont Preset has changed completely. Instead of a dialog box, a menu is now displayed.
- The editor windows adopts much better now to screens with DPI resolution not equal to 96.

What was new in version 1.091/2.091?
Bug fixes:
- Saving  a new tuning scale caused an exception.
- Some improvements have been made to Visual Styles to make the feature work in all hosts.

- VSTSynthFont now supports "chunks" for saving the arrangement. If your host supports chunks then you can leave it up to your host to save the arrangement in the host's work file.
- Even better support for SoundFont modulators than in 1.090

What was new in version 1.090?
Bug fixes:
- All versions since 1.080 have had a serious flaw in the synth engine: the output could sound really bad
- There were stability issues - mostly solved

- This version can send exception reports - please do!
- Support for SoundFont modulators
- Support for Visual Styles (BETA test!)

What was new in version 1.082?
Bug fixes:
- The Controller Modulation Wheel was broken
- Font color for selected items in the tracks list were not always optimal
- Switching between themes cleared the selection of tracks (and also did a few other unwanted "tricks")

What was new in version 1.081?
Bug fixes:
- The two generators "fineTune" (pitch adjustment) and "sampleMode" (sample loop mode) were not used if defined in the Global split only.
- The setup file for version 1.080 did not actually install the file.
- Improved support for visual themes.

What was new in version 1.080?
New feature:
- VSTSynthFont has now also support for SoundFont Modulators.
- Support for Portamento (as in SynthFont2)