New software in the SynthFont Family

Everything related to the new MidiSoundSynth MIDI/SoundFont player
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New software in the SynthFont Family

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Dear friends!
It is a pleasure to announce that I, together with Alberto Galluzzo of, has released a new product: MidiSoundSynth. This is [yet another ;) ] MIDI/SoundFont player, but with a twist, or two. One of the twists is that I have within this project introduced a new SoundFont-type file format: the "SFKR" file format. It is a file format based on the standard SoundFont format, but has a number of features not found in a regular SoundFont format. One of them is that it is a compressed file. Typically the size of the SFKR file is 25% of the original SoundFont. The SFKR acronym comes from "SoundFont KompRessd". I will tell more about this format later.

If you are interested in reading more about this product, then here are some links for you:
Introduction in English: ... (ENG).pdf
Introduction in Italian: ... (ITA).pdf
Introduction in Spanish: ... (ESP).pdf
Introduction in German: ... (GER).pdf

Feel free to comment and tell me if you are interested in testing the program. It is not free, but allows for a 10 days trial period.

Yours truly
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