What a great program! (Viena SoundFont Editor)

All about the SoundFont editor Viena
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What a great program! (Viena SoundFont Editor)

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To the programmer(s),
What a great program!!! Unbelievable it's free. After using it a bit on some MelloTron .sf2 files, I would've been glad to pay at least $20-$30 for it. I've paid a lot more for programs with a tenth of the features this one has! Maybe .sf2 files are not in wide use today, something.

I'm a retired design engr, circuit design & programmer (BSEE) I've developed programs that look like this one for DOD programs, using Delphi or Visual C++, and many others. I can tell a lot of work went into this one.

Thanks to you guys!

PS This program is so valuable, you definitely deserve some compensation for it. Maybe offer a trial period. We all like things for free, but when somebody offers something this good (and comes to my rescue), they deserve some incentive compensation to support the product.
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Re: What a great program! (Viena SoundFont Editor)

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Hi Sir! Thanks for your kind words. It is a very old project that started off as a small support tool for my MAJOR project: SynthFont. SoundFonts had been falling into decline in the beginning of the 2000's and at some stage people were praising GIGASOUND files (*.gig) as the only real sample package. I thought this this was unjust. SoundFonts had still a lot to offer. But, as the only really good SoundFont editor at that time was Vienna from Creative Labs which was dependent on having an audio board from Creative, I decided to created Viena, modeled after Vienna.

Taking into account how far I have developed Viena now, it actually sounds like a good suggestion to let people in on it by allowing for a license of sort. Must think about it.

BTW: Viena is the name of an area in Russian Karelia on the border of Finland. Historically and culturally it has been a part of Finland, where I live.

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