VSTSynthFont failed to load

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VSTSynthFont failed to load

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Hello! Thanks for your job.
Yesterday I got your VST and started to give it a try from within my score-writer Dorico with various SF2 fonts. Nothing to report then. (activation Ok)
This morning I reorganized my SF2 libraries and moved them.
I just reopened now my sheet music, but Dorico failed to load VSTSYNTHFONT. Of course moving sounds throws an error, but apparently VSTSYNTHFONT doesn't handle that? I didn't save my previous settings.
What can I do?

Windows 11 21H2
Dorico 4.3
Audio = AMD HD audio output

Update = today 17:39
I tried with Cakewalk and VSTSYNTHFONT crashed my DAW. Here are the data. Dump file available.
(698 Bytes) Downloaded 80 times
CakewalkMessag.png (16.86 KiB) Viewed 1344 times
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Re: VSTSynthFont failed to load

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I will need to investigate this...
There is always the "backup" to restore VSTSynthFont to default by deleting/renaming the file:
Start from fresh!
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