Macro language and scripts

All about the development and use of SynthFont2
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Macro language and scripts

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I will soon release version of SynthFont2. Among the new features are the new Macro language, based on Pascal. This is a very powerful tool, but at the same time rather dangerous as you might found you have suddenly changed all notes to the wrong value if you are not careful. Hence you should keep backups of your MIDI files! (As always)

Here you find the current documentation: ... s.pdf?dl=0
It is short, I know.

Here is the latest test version, "C": ... C.rar?dl=0
This file contains ONLY the executable, and ONLY the 32 bit version for now.
A demo file, DemoMacro1.pas, is included and will be installed in the folder "SynthFont" in your documents folder.

Have fun!
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