No Output In Sonar by Bandlab

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No Output In Sonar by Bandlab

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Very promising with VSTSynthFont for occasions when I want to work with MIDI files/tracks in the DAW. No output from my audio interface though - ASIO drivers (with RME UFX+). Also not able to instantiate VST with all outputs - single output only even when choosing 'all stereo outputs'.
Some details;
Sonar latest build
Tried 64 and 32 bit versions of VSTSynthFont
VSTSynthFont is taking program changes, effects levels, other MIDI CC data.
I see the MIDI note activity into VST SynthFont.
Input and output routing is correct.
This DAW and audio interface are workhorses for me, no question it is a working configuration.
Reviewed Options in VSTSynthFont. No issues.

Welcome any input to resolve. Can provide additional information if needed.
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Re: No Output In Sonar by Bandlab

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I use Cakewalk (aka Sonar) by Bandlab regularly for testing the VST plugin. I have not had any issue with it. Handling of audio output is actually done by Cakewalk, the plugin only produces the audio to be sent to (any suitable) output. So my first question is: if you let Cakewalk/Sonar prepare an audio file, will it have sound? (Use menu "File" and "Export Audio")
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