Modulators / Velocity to Attenuation

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Modulators / Velocity to Attenuation

Post by breuni »


I would like to make an layered instrument insensitive against velocity.

Means velocity should not influence volume.

However velocity ranges should be used to select specific samples (00-85 ==> Sax D4 soft, 85-127 ==> Sax D4 hard).
This is maybe a beginners question, and I found several cryptic tips on the internet. But nothing seems to work for me.
In need it for a breath controller application, where velocity is not used to adjust volume.
Anyone go a hint?
Thank you.
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Re: Modulators / Velocity to Attenuation

Post by sammy »

Hello, breuni!
You can try to add (on a instrument global level) the folowing modulator:

Atenuation (dB)
Inbuild Velocity
0 to +1(positive slope)

Amount = 0

(Don't forget to click on "update modulator with changes" check button). :ugeek:
Greatings - Sammy!
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