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Empty spaces

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How do I get rid of the empty space?
First I had this annoying space at the beginning of the track. I moved all notes 2 bars towards the start, problem solved. Except now I have another annoying empty space at the end of track :shock:
I'm sure there is a really simple solution for this... Except I cannot see it :?
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Re: Empty spaces

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Empty space at the end of the track is probably of no importance at all. I mean, after the last not has been played (and note off has finished) it doesn't really matter if there are any empty space after that. This is how I see it, but I may be misunderstanding something. In midi terms there is nothing like a "pause" (that is, there is no midi event called "pause"). But if the empty space at the end still annoys you, you can do this in SynthFont. Go to the "3 Midi events" page and scroll down the list to the end. Find the events that are later than the last NOTE OFF event and delete them (mostly you can delete them as what would they do now, any longer?).

You of course have to go through all tracks to find the events to delete. One word of warning though: this solution is straightforward if all tracks address different midi channels. If you delete the last event of - say track 1 - and track 2 have notes after that and makes use of the same midi channel as track 1, you might get unexpected results.
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