click noise upon note release

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click noise upon note release

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I have an old soundfont file called Jeux14.sf2 produced by John McCoy. These are pipe organ sounds. I have used this soundfont for many years with the Live card and then later with Synthfont1 version 1.6. I have now download Synthfont2 version 2.0.4. Noticed that some stops have a click noise upon note release. Examined the Jeux14.sf2 file using Viena and noticed that few if any of the Instruments have a volume envelope defined. To test things, I made a simple midi file that plays an octave of quarter notes then played to save wav file using both Synthfont1 and Synthfont2. Used Audacity to examine the wave forms in both files and found that Synthfont1 would add an automatic 6 cycle gradual release to the note whereas the Synthfont2 would almost make a beeline to zero upon note off - thus the click noise. So my question is: Is there an option in Synthfont2 to enable the Synthfont1 gradual note release feature?
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Re: click noise upon note release

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Great question!
There used to be a default value of 0.1 sec for the note release (in case non is defined) in earlier versions of SynthFont, but the standard says "no". So I have removed it (i.e. it is equal to the lowest possible value of 1 msec). I see that it COULD still be an option, though. Must think about it.
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