SyFonOne & Default SoundFont Override

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SyFonOne & Default SoundFont Override

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I just seen the "Default SoundFont Override" fonctionnality in SyFonOne, a nice one!

However, I could find two small problems:
  • more important: there is only 127 instruments in your list! (0~126) The last one has been forgotten : 127 = Gunshot ;
  • less important: your GM's instruments list contains some names from the GM2.
Also, it would be interesting to see an improvement of the list, like adding predefined (using LSB/MSB which come from different standards) and customizable lists instead of the 128 GM's one you propose:
  • XG (I didn't know where to find the instruments'/percussions' list :( ) ;
  • Custom: a full personalized list (in a tree list because 128x128 for each instruments is really… huge) and/or by loading a reference's SoundFont (or the default's one used by SyFonOne) to automatically establish the intruments list (and to see/change only what we need to change).
Thanks, and good continuation!

Sorry if there are some mistakes, english is not my native language.
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Re: SyFonOne & Default SoundFont Override

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This has been on my "todo" list for some time now. It is not a big deal: the same functionalities are already there in the corresponding SoundFont Override feature in SynthFont2. So I may choose to copy/paste...
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