Synthfont1 MIDI file help

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Synthfont1 MIDI file help

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I have just downloaded and installed Synthfont 1. it all seems to be working well. However, my problem is something I've not encountered before.
Operating system is Windows 7 (home edition) and the latest version of Synthfont 1 :)

I have downloaded 3 MIDI files from the internet (

The first one loads in to Synthfont without any problems. However the other 2 files can't be found.

I'll explain a little bit more clearly (I hope! :) )

I created a folder on my desktop called 'midi files'
I downloaded each file, and copied them to the folder on the desktop (Midi files0
When I click on 'open MIDI or arrangement' in Synthfont 1, it only lists one of the files. Now this happens if I change file type to 'all files', 'MIDI and arrangement files' or 'MIDI type files'.
However, if I open the folder (MIDI files) on the desktop, all 3 files are in the folder, and I can play them with the media player.
Exactly the same thing happened with Sekaiju - a MIDI file editing program.

However, I was able to use Musescore (notation program) to open all three files from the folder on the desktop folder. I was able to find all three files in the folder with no problem. :?

So, am I going mad, maybe just a gray moment... or missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Synthfont1 MIDI file help

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Have you Windows set to hide extensions of known files? If so, try to change the setting to see what extension each file has.
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