Synthfont1 Run as Administrator VST Error

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Synthfont1 Run as Administrator VST Error

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Getting an error in Synthfont preventing me from using a VST telling me "Run as administrator!", followed by a notice of incompatibility. I've tried reopening Synthfont as Admin and even tried granting greater permissions to the VST, to no avail. I'm unsure what exactly the VST finder wants me to run as admin, or if this is just a borked error message. Of note, this VST has a 64-bit version that I was prompted was incompatible because it was 64-bit, but with no concerns about running as an admin. Do 32-bit VST's require some greater permissions that I'm unaware of?
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Re: Synthfont1 Run as Administrator VST Error

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The message "Run as administrator!" does not actually come from SynthFont. It does't even look like a legit Windows message. My guess is that one of your VSTs require it once for some kind of initial installation/setup, but I cannot be sure. The only way to sort this out then would be to log into an administrator account - maybe you only need to do it once - and try again.
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