MidiSoundSynth is all about MIDI-to-Audio

MidiSoundSynth is a program for playing MIDI files or MIDI data from an input port, using only the best SoundFonts available on the market. MidiSoundSynth is the result of a collaboration between Alberto Galluzzo at "GoldMidiSF2.com" (long recognized producer of high quality SoundFont) and Kenneth Rundt on "SynthFont.com" ("Viena", "SynthFont1 & 2" and "VSTSynthFont"). 

MidiSoundSynth has a very simple user interface, with only the features you really need, relying on the SynthFont2 synthesis engine (+10 years), which in turn is based on the original SynthFont1 synthesis engine (+20 years). MidiSoundSynth is the first program on the market that can use the new proprietary SoundFont format “SFKR” (“SoundFont KompRessd”) designed and developed by SynthFont in collaboration with GoldMidiSF2. 

This new compression algorithm is optimized for compressing sampled SoundFont audio data at 44100Hz and 16-bit. Compression is almost lossless, only noise and other irrelevant artifacts are removed. Thanks to a compressed size of about 25% compared to the original one, we have the possibility to create and distribute large SoundFonts. 

One of the main features of MidiSoundSynth is the ability to choose and assign any SoundFont / Preset separately to each of the 16 MIDI channels present in the MIDI file. Additionally there are five built-in audio effects that can be assigned to each of the MIDI channels. All “MIDI arrangements or modifications” such as Tempo change, Key, Effects, Preset, etc., will be saved for later use in a file called "Arrangement", which also contains the original MIDI. MidiSoundSynth can generate audio files in various popular formats, such as WAV, MP3, MP4 and OGG. 

For live playback and excellent performance, MidiSoundSynth supports low latency WASAPI technology. 

MidiSoundSynth is the software of choice for the most demanding musicians, who wants to express their music reaching the highest quality with the minimum investment and hassle, using MIDI and SoundFonts as the basis for their music. 

Thanks to its simple and intuitive design and our high quality SoundFonts, great results can be achieved.

Main features:

  • Simple user interface with all commonly used functions straight at hand
  • The proprietary SoundFont-based compressed format supports a number of new functions, not supported by the standard SoundFont format but common in many other sound library formats, like GIGA files, DLS files and SFX files. (For example 'Round-Robin', additional layers in Instruments, additional sound generators and support for various MIDI Continuous Controllers.)
  • Assign any SoundFont (SF2 or SFKR) and Preset to any channel in the MIDI file
  • Assign audio effects to the main output and also to any channel in the MIDI file
  • Control Volume level, Pan position and Pitch of any channel in the MIDI file
  • Save the audio into files of various formats (WAV, MP3, M4A and OGG)
  • Save the audio of all MIDI channels separate into separate files
  • Inbuilt  Explorer-like handler of folders and files on the computer
  • Files in a folder can be played in a playlist manner
  • Support for any number of user created playlists
  • Live input mode - send MIDI data to the program for live playback.  MidiSoundSynth supports both ASIO and WASAPI for low latency playback
  • Karaoke mode: display lyrics and chords in the inbuilt window and/or in a floating, secondary window for a second monitor
  • Many parameters for the lyrics display, like font colors, family, size and style
  • Fullscreen mode to maximize the use of smaller displays
  • Only 64 bit CPU architecture supported!