Drum sampler for e-drum

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Drum sampler for e-drum

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As I'm a newbie in the world of soundfont, I'm a bit confused using Viena to set my samples to respond like they should.

I'm working on a drum sampler project intended to be used with electronic drums. The logic is different from a keyboard.

On e-drum the Note off is ignored. Indeed there's generally one and only action on a drum : a hit. While on a keyboard, there's at least two actions : hitting a key and then releasing it. You understand here that the note off has no meaning on e-drum. However, to avoid having many midi note_on without their correponding note_off, an e-drum module generally send a note_off 100ms after the note_on message. But the sound module ignore this message, in contrary to a keyboard where the note off mute the sound.

So I need my samples to played until their ends regardless of the note_off message.
And also, I want to avoid the Vel to Vol feature because in a drum sampler, the volume is given by the sample itself (drum samplers use many many samples to get realistic sounds, from very soft vel to very high vel)

I see some ADSR settings in Viena, But I can't set anything to let my samples to be played as they should...

So I wonder if the ADSR should be triggered outside the soundfont, inside the VST ? But then why these ADSR features in Viena are stored within the soundfont ?
Confused as I said, I need some lights.
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