Polyphony number of voices of synthfont2?

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Polyphony number of voices of synthfont2?

Post by JT64 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:06 pm

Is there meaningfull talking about polyphony and number of voices for synthfont or is it all downmixed in software and CPU dependent?
I guess all soundcards has at least two hardware channels? And AUDIO over HDMI have at least 8 channels?

When software like webaudio "browsers" is limited to 32 voices, does that also mean that polyphony is limited to 32 "because it is already virtual software channels"?

How many notes "individual samples" can i bang simultaneously until synthfonth 2 tapout, is it CPU dependent?
Just did testdrive synthfont2 seem rocksolid, but i would made a sequenser with it ;), recording is much easier to implement then editing and playup at least in webaudio.

What did it actually mean that old chips "soundcards" that AwE32 and Gravis ultrasound was said to have 32 note polyphony, 32 hardware channels?

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