Soundfont Overwrite Save Error

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Soundfont Overwrite Save Error

Post by Yiya »

Hey everyone, I'm back. I was overwriting my soundfont and the error is not written, and and then asks me that I must create a snapshot! :cry:

Message Errors:
*"File was not written"
*"File could not be saved. Create a Snapshot instead?"


So, anyone help me to correct the error
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Re: Soundfont Overwrite Save Error

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Maybe the SoundFont was locked by the system for some odd reason.

In order to prevent this happening Viena keeps the SoundFont files always in a locked state so that no other processes can alter them, but there seems to be occasions when the OS any way thinks that another process actually have locked a particular SoundFont file. I have randomly seen this happen once or twice, but I have never been able to reliably reproduce it, so if you or anyone else can come up with a way of reproducing the behavior then please share it with me!

In this case the best approach is indeed to save a snapshot, leave Viena and reopen the SoundFont and the snapshot.
Alternatively, "Save As..." should always work.
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