Creating loops in piano samples

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Creating loops in piano samples

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I've found a free good sounding gigafile piano. ... ro-en.html

With a demo version of Awave Studio I converted it into SF2-files and with Viena I combined theme into one file.

The SF2 file is about 480 Mb. To reduce the file and memory size you can create loops.

That seems like a hard task, because you have to adjust each layer from every key. Does it mean you have to spend hours for each sample finding out where you can make a proper loop? Because then I have to prepare myself it will last years before the work is done! :D

Or can such a thing be done easier? Extracting and saving the samples as separate WAV-files has to be done anyway. Audacity is my favorite sound editor: the last releases are improved in a very good way.

The sound of a piano fades out, so you have to deal with that when making a seamless loop. I guess you can do that by comparing the amplitude of the beginning of the loop with the end-part and compensate that with some kind of fade-in effect.

However... is it hard to find the part to loop? Or can I make a proper loop by just selecting a few seconds and use crossfade to make it seamless? Can I make it easier by using editing in batch-mode, or is it unavoidable to examine and edit each sample individually?

If you have good suggestions I would be glad to hear them.

The SF2-file converted by me can (temporary) be downloaded from here: ... IAqPCKNLOc ... aescz5LuOP
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Re: Creating loops in piano samples

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If I were you I would NOT - say NOT - spend any time on looping the samples. Mostly you destroy what you already have! The best SoundFonts, especially the best piano ones, do not use loops. Ever.
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