Problem with SoundFont and Viena

All about the SoundFont editor Viena
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Problem with SoundFont and Viena

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Hi All,

I'm new here and just recently started working with SynthFont and Vinna. I was trying to create a sound font with my instrument (Persian Hammer Dulcimer = Santoor) but after a lot of reading and watching videos and trying, I'm still unable to get it work. I have created the wave files, added them as samples, instruments, presets, etc but I cannot get it playback with my MIDI keyboard.

the help for Viena is very brief and doesn't explain step by step what we should do. There are so many details that are not explained in the guide.
Is there a better comprehensive guide/manual available?

thanks for your help
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Re: Problem with SoundFont and Viena

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Here are two very short tutorials: ... lPart1.pdf ... lPart2.pdf

Feel free to post questions here.
If you believe you have created the SoundFont correctly but it still doesn't work as anticipated, I will be happy to have a look at it.

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