Support for "black" midi file

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Re: "T"

Post by ray890 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:47 am

Pretty good, no new bugs found yet, and I see it pretty fit for a new version release.

Otherwise, here's a quick re-cap of the remaining bugs and things hasn't been fixed yet:
  • MIDI input monitor issues (Since
  • Changing song tempo during playback causes playback progress indication to become inaccurate (Since
  • Reaction to Pitch Bend events are a little too strong [Example] (Since
  • Help function is unavailable (Since
  • Unable to change MIDI Program during playback (Since
  • Changing Sample Rate causes pitch to change in audio output (Since
  • Switching between large soundfonts during speaker playback causes wait cursor to remain until playback is stopped (Since
I have plenty of ideas of how the piano-roll/editor and file manager dialogs can be fixed, but perhaps that could be a job for the next version.

PS. Shouldn't all of these posts be merged with the test version topic? I mean, we are talking about the beta in general, not suggestions about impossible music support.

Edit: Oh and, in your next build, can you experiment with leaving all thread and process priorities on "Normal"? I don't think high priority settings are really making much of a difference in render times/speed to be honest, and rendering a file always just messes with my machine's multitasking stability.
Other CPU-bound programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro leave their priorities on "normal" and I have no issue multitasking while a rendering job is going on in the background.

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Re: Support for "black" midi file

Post by Admin » Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:28 pm

The "U" version details can be found in the "New test version" topic.
As there probably wont be too much talk about black midi files for now we can continue over there.

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