Questions about VSTSynthFont

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Questions about VSTSynthFont

Postby John Reimer » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:52 am


Some years ago I began to investigate the use of VSTSynthFont with jOrgan. jOrgan is really a MIDI processor and still requires the use of some suitable sound engine into which an .sf2 file has been loaded. For convenience, Fluidsynth is bundled with the jOrgan download these days, but its use is not mandatory.

A typical organ soundfont may contain up to 100 or more presets, and these presets may each consist of two or more instruments. Organists require that often quite a large number of presets should sound at the same time. I had the impression years ago that VSTSynthFont was limited to sounding only 16 presets at the one time, although there was no particular limit to how many presets could be accommodated.

1. Is VSTSynthFont limited in this way?
2. Is there a help file or other documentation to assist users in making optimum use of its features?

John Reimer

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